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Anna Babajanyan


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1999   Yerevan State Medical University aft. M. Heratsy, Faculty of Pediatrics, Diploma of Pediatrician

2001  Yerevan State Medical University aft. M. Heratsy, family medicine department, completed the “family medicine” course.


Work experience

2003-2013  “Erebouni” Medical Center, Family doctor, Yerevan, Armenia   

2005-2012  “Erebouni” Medical Center, Pediatric consultant,  Yerevan, Armenia   

2003-2005  “Nairi” Medical Center, Therapist, emergency doctor  Yerevan, Armenia   

2012- present  “Vardanants Center for Innovative Medicine”, Yerevan, Armenia.   

Professional retraining

2003  Training course “Key management skills for family doctors and administrative staff”

2004 Training course “The current state and future stages of the experimental program of reforms of the primary health care system”

2004  Training course “Management of healthy children and health issues”

2009  Master class for neurologists, family doctors, general practitioners and pediatricians “Damage to the nervous system in acute viral infections”

2012  Master class “Prevention of non-communicable diseases and most common cardiovascular diseases”

2015  III International Conference on Family Medicine

2016  IV International Conference on Family Medicine

2018  Master class for family doctors and general practitioners “Urinary tract infections”

2018  Seminar for general practitioners and pulmonologists “Management of adult patients with chronic cough”.


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