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Համաճարակային իրավիճակից ելնելով՝ «Վարդանանց»-ում դիմակ կրելը պարտադիր է։
Դիմակ չկրելու դեպքում, ցավոք, չենք կարողանա սպասարկել Ձեզ։     


We are ready and eager to improve! Help us become even better!
Please share your opinion about our medical center.

Arusyak Duryan

I wish all other clinics were like Vardanants!
There is so much I could write about Vardanants, I can’t even find the right words. I always speak proudly about this clinic and advise everyone to come here if they need help.
I also know that most people are surprised and shocked when they first appear at Vardanants after visiting other clinics.

Armine Varpetyan

This is a high-quality clinic with the best medical staff ever!
Professional approach and friendly attitude!

Mko Gevorgyan

I want to sincerely thank everyone who works at Vardanants for their humane and friendly attitude. And special thanks to my doctor Ani Alexanyan for her professionalism! Stay HEALTHY to help us be healthy, too!

Anush Harutyunyan

I just left this medical center, where I had a preventive checkup today. It took me an hour. Just an HOUR, Carl!!! And the attitude was really caring, professional… It was like a dream! For comparison, last year I underwent checkup at a local outpatient clinic, and it took me 6 hours!!! Besides, I had to argue with all the doctors, I had to call them and ask them to return to work, having to deal with their negative attitude… Anyway, to make a long story short… Vardanants staff, you are the best! Thank you!!!

Susanna Kroyan

I can say with confidence that this clinic is highly commendable and can be considered one of the best in the country. The service is excellent, the staff is attentive to the patients, caring, and the doctors are experts in their field.

Gagik Aghbalyan

A few days ago, I was in the corridor, waiting for an appointment. Several employees were circling in the corridor, asking visitors whether they were in a hurry, whether the appointment time had passed, called on the doctors, handed over the cards, asked whether everything was on schedule or there were delays…
Here at Vardanants, they will not make your life even more complicated. There are doctors here whom I trust immensely: Zara Sargsyan, Hripsime Poghosyan, Nune Baghdasaryan.