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The modern methods of radiation diagnostics offer us unlimited opportunities. They not only help to identify the existing problems, but also accurately predict the risk of developing a number of diseases.

The modern equipment at Vardanants Medical Center allows us to get digital results that can be stored in the patient’s electronic profile for an unlimited time.

The examinations conducted by our experienced specialists are crucial for accurate diagnosis and further treatment of the patient.

Today, ultrasound examinations are widely used in almost all areas of medicine. And this is not surprising, since ultrasound is absolutely safe, painless, quick and really informative.

The highly sensitive ultrasound equipment manufactured by Toshiba provides high-quality and accurate results for examinations of:

      • abdominal cavity,
      • organs of the posterior mediastinum,
      • pelvic organs,
      • thyroid gland,
      • breast,
      • joints,
      • soft tissue.

The latest generation equipment installed at Vardanants MC also enables us to:

      • Collect biological tissue samples,
      • Perform elastography of the thyroid gland and breasts,
      • Perform duplex scanning of vessels.


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